GURPS101: Intermediate Range Modifiers

Yet another “micro-rule” – this time playing with Range modifiers for GURPS. First, let’s look at the current existing range bands:

  • Short-Range (-1/yard like a spell, p. B239)
  • Normal-Range (per p. B550)
  • Long-Range (p. B241)
  • No Penalties

GURPS Powers (p. 108) says each step up is worth +50%, while each step down is worth -10%.

Interpolated Range Modifiers
So the idea is to use steps for range to give some more options. To that end, I propose the following steps:

  • Touch- or Near-Touch Range (as Melee Attack, p. B112)
  • Minimum-Range  (-3 per yard)
  • Short-Range (-1/yard like a spell, p. B239)
  • Moderate-Range (-1 per 3 yards)
  • Normal-Range (per p. B550)
  • Intermediate-Range (-1 per 100 yards)
  • Long-Range (p. B241)
  • Interstellar-Range (use the chart on p. B550, but read them as astronomical units instead of yards and light-years instead of miles)
  • No Penalties

Each step up then is worth +25%, while each step down is worth -5% – which seems about right and still matches the RAW.

Picking Over the Bones
Again, still not sure how folks feel about these little micro-rules posts. I’m collecting data – so if you like them, say so, give it a +1, etc. Overall, I kind of like how this feels. It lets you do some interesting things with powers and may play out quite well for sci-fi games.

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  1. How would you add the range penalties for Warp to something like this? It’d be useful for buiobuil characters who can teleport across interstellar distances if you could modify the range penalties for Warp.

    • I am SO SORRY. i just saw this. I’m still getting used to my new platform. So, Warp? First, I’d say you need a modifier use something other than the listed penalties for Warp – but not a big one. Perhaps, +20% and called it “Based on Standard Range Penalties” – just like “Based on Attribute.” Next, just add the modifiers above.

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