GURPS101: More Blessed Options III

One thing that’s fairly common in fiction is the ability to be in the spirit world and the real world at the same time. GURPS lacks this ability in RAW, but I got you covered.

Blessed (Dual Spiritual Nature)

15 or 45 points

You exist simultaneously in the Spirit and Material Worlds. For those with a partial spiritual nature this means you can fully affect spirit beings (anything with Insubstantiality) with any of their physical attacks just as if you had the Affect Insubstantial (p. B102) enhancement. Moreover, you can hear, smell, see, taste (if they really want), and touch the Spirit World whenever they want, but only two senses at a time. Those who are fully attuned can use all five senses to affect the spirit or material world at any point. For example, those with a partial spiritual nature could opt to touch and see the Spirit World or hear and see the Spirit World. This comes at a price, whichever world you are not concentrating on takes a -6 to all Sense rolls and seems to be dark and muted. You can switch whichever world you are concentrating on with a Ready maneuver (or make a Will roll at -4 and expend 2 FP to do it instantly). Moreover, dark spirits, ghosts, demons, etc. perceive your ability as a bright glow (equivalent to a torch with a radius equal to your Will); if you are actually in the Spirit World you can dim this with a Will roll or use its light, your choice. Such dark creatures automatically react to you at -4, though you do get a +3 to all rolls to resist spirit powers or possession (+6 vs. spirit possession!).

Picking Over the Bones

This came to me after reading some Shadowrun fiction about an adept and it got me thinking how to replicate their powers in GURPS. I originally wanted to do a Jumper (Spirit) build but that seemed too complicated and kludgy. Then I got to thinking that perhaps a Blessed blackboxed build might be best. It already had part of the components I needed in Ghost Weapon. This reminded me that I created variations of See Invisible in my article “Mask of Humanity” in Pyramid #3/97: Strange Powers which when put together was perfect. I bundled them all together and voila! A new version of Blessed.

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  1. Since your in both worlds spirits can attack you without needing Affects Substantial and you stand out seems like disadvantages. Also are you affected by pentagrams and spiritual wards?
    Considering the drawbacks it just feels like it should be less expensive. As is the full version is worse than See Invisible (Spirits) + Ghost Weapon. You get a few extra senses bt that does not seem to match the drawbacks.

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