GURPS101: More Cyber Claws for Ultra-Tech

Since GURPS Ultra-Tech got a update today and GURPS Ultra-Tech Tables was updated I thought I’d do something in honor of that. So here you go, more Cyber Claw implants (inspired by this thread).

Enhanced Cyber Claws (varies)
Like Cyber Claws (see GURPS Ultra-Tech, p. 211), but enhanced with one of the following:

  • Superfine Claws: The claws use a advanced alloy or nanoceramic composites that comes to a keenly sharp edge. Inflicts thr+2 (2) cutting damage. TL9.
  • Monowire Claws: The claws have a strip of a super-strong wire that is a few molecules thick which is stretched along the cutting edge of the claws. Inflicts thr+2 (10) cutting damage, but it cannot cut into a flat surface. TL9^.
  • Vibro Claws: The claws vibrate thousands of times per second thanks to tiny motors operating on piezoelectricity. When active they cost 1 FP per hour of active use. Inflicts thr+1d (3) cutting damage. If not vibrating they instead inflict thr cutting damage. TL10.
  • Superfine Vibro Claws: As for vibro claws, but inflicts thr+1d+2 (5) cutting damage. TL10.
  • Nanothorn Claws: The claws use a branching monomolecular structure that fit into and rip apart intermolecular bonds. Inflicts thr+1 (10) corrosion damage. Any weapon you parry takes damage from your claws automatically! TL11.


  • Superfine Claws: Cutting Attack 2 points (Armor Divisor 2, +50%; Dual, +10%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; ST-Based, +100%) [12]. 12 points.
  • Monowire Claws: Cutting Attack 2 points (Accessibility, Not against flat surfaces, -10%; Armor Divisor 10, +200%; Dual, +10%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; ST-Based, +100%) [19]. 19 points.
  • Vibro Claws: Sharp Claws (Switchable, +10%) [2*] + Cutting Attack 1d (Armor Divisor 3, +100%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP/hour, +0%; Dual, +10%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; ST-Based, +100%) [20]. 22 points.
  • Superfine Vibro Claws: Cutting Attack 2 points (Armor Divisor 2, +50%, Dual, +10%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; ST-Based, +100%) [3*] + Cutting Attack 1d+2 (Armor Divisor 5, +150%; Costs Fatigue, 1FP/hour, +0%; Dual, +10%; Melee Attack, reach C, -30%; ST-Based, +100%) [40]. 43 points.
  • Nanothorn Claws: Corrosion Attack 1 point (Armor Divisor 10, +200%; Cosmic, ST-Based on Corrosion Attack, +100%; Destructive Parry, +10%; Dual, +10%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; ST-Based, +100%) [15]. 15 points.

* Alternate Ability.

Minor procedure for all types. Halve the cost and treat as a simple procedure if adding these to a bionic hand or arm. Cost is as below, but add a premium equal to cost using the following:

  1. Find the thrust damage for the highest ST you can use for unarmed attacks.
  2. Calculate the “effective cost” for that amount as if it were a Crushing attack.
  3. Multiply this by the Modified ST increase (see below) percentage.
  4. Subtract the cost of step 2 by the total from step 3 to determine the net cost.
  5. Multiply net cost by $1,000 and add this as a additional amount to cost.

Should a character’s ST later on increase he must pay the difference of cost between his old ST and new ST in modifications to fully take advantage of his musculature. Until this is done the claws uses his old ST score.

  • Superfine Claws: $12,000. LC3. Modified ST increase: +50%.
  • Monowire Claws: $19,000. LC2. Modified ST increase: +200%.
  • Vibro Claws: $22,000. LC3. Modified ST increase: +100%.
  • Superfine Vibro Claws: $43,000. LC3. Modified ST increase: +145%.
  • Nanothorn Claws: $15,000. LC1. Modified ST increase: +200%.


A character with a ST of 20 inflicts 2d of thrust. If he were to get Vibro Claws implanted he’d have to pay a additional $10,000. 2d as a Crushing Attack costs 10 points, with a +100% that results in 20 points, minus the effective cost is 10 points and times $1,000 is $10,000. So his Vibro Claws would cost him $32,000. If he later on increases his ST to 23, he’d have to $2,000 to modify his claws to use his new ST score.
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  1. Man, Peter, Doug and yourself have been on fire as of late when it comes to turning forum discussion into great articles. It's amazing how easy you make it seem to come up with these kind of meta traits and in all seriousness I wish there was a way SJG could add this article to Ultra-Tech since I think that book could of really benefited not only from the inclusion of these weapons quality mods you've covered but having the inclusion of the ST-Based modifier.

    That being said I do wish that GURPS ends up officially adopting an easier way to add modifiers to ST based attacks like the ones in the Natural Weapon article in Alternate GURPS III cause the way it is right now makes it hard and to costly (in my opinion anyways) to do so.

    Oh, and if I can make a request for a future article, is there any chance you could do one covering some rules of thumbs you use for coming up with the cost for new modifiers or ones that require GM over sight (such as the accessibility modifier you had for the Monowire option)? Whenever I tried to figure out a just price to use my minor case of OCD kicks up and I end up with decision lock heh.

  2. ST-Based only appears clunky on the outside, while Italo did a wonderful job (I snatched him up for my mentoring group the moment his article came out), the base method really isn't that difficult As for your request, can you be a bit more specific for me? I'm happy to oblige, but I'd like to know what you're looking for.

  3. While the idea I had in my above post was an article that covered the rules of thumb you use to figure a good price to give to either modifiers that you personally come up with that are not already listed if you found the need to do so or good ways to figure the cost of modifier that have a variable cost that the GM needs to decide on (like the accessibility modifier as I pointed out above) since I suck when it comes to figuring out a cost that's "right" heh.

    To give you and example of what I was talking about, for Accessibility, Not against flat surfaces you choose a modifier cost of -10%. Is there any specific "bench" you use to figure it should be only a -10% limitation and not say one that was worth only -5% or perhaps 15%?

    However now that I had time to think I kinda realize that wouldn't be worth a full fledged article and is kinda subjective anyways so I guess a better request would be one that picks your mind on how you formulate meta traits, powers and the like though that might be more then just an articles worth heh and might be more Pyramid worthy. You just seem to really understand how the mechanics for how these things work, it's like you just know where the lego blocks go and in what order.

    As for you mentor group, I gotta say that was a really cool and good idea to get started.

  4. That's a perfectly good idea for a blog post! I'll add it to the list. As for knowing the system, I've got a very good memory (I can memorize exceedingly long strings of text) and I read at about 1,800 words per minute. Add that to the fact that I have a very *very* good spatial memory and I've studied methods of loci (aka memory palaces – mine is a library) and you've got perfect storm for recalling prodigious technical data fairly accurately. My memory isn't perfect and it can be colored, but for the most part I can recall any data I need with a few seconds of closing my eyes and thinking.

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