GURPS101: Standard Operating Procedure Perks for Monster Hunters

A few new Standard Operating Procedure perks for GURPS Monster Hunters:

Esoteric Gear Mastery: After its been determined what sort of supernatural foe your character and their allies are facing its assumed you’ve “gear up” to fight that foe. This could be as simple as silver weapons for werewolves or as complicated as a Nanu-ku-sh tablets on your armor to protect against Babylonian demons. This requires you have Armoury (Esoteric) at 16+.

Occult Researcher: You always have the books, scrolls, and other scholarly items you need to research supernatural foes or phenomena. This is as much a matter of luck as it is preparation. This perk essentially always allows you to use the Research or Occultism skill to determine a supernatural foe’s weakness, strengths, etc. albeit at a -5 to rolls. Essentially, it’s as if you were operating with improvised gear. It’s akin to gizmo, but much weaker.

Purifier: You go to confession, bless holy water or weapons, bath in sage smoke, and similar acts of purification all the time. When in doubt if you did any of these things assume you did. This gives you an edge against demons who try to prey on your sins, ensures you always have blessed or holy water in your hip flash, or can count on blessing your weapons even if you didn’t say you did. This doesn’t give the ability to dispense blessings or similar for rites or actions that require them, but rather ensures that you do do these things off camera, as part of your routine, and so on.

Talisman Savvy: You have many talismans, holy symbols, and occult sigils on your person at all times. This allows you to use such symbols against occult forces or supernatural beings that have Dread, Revulsion, Weakness, etc. See Beni from The Mummy (1999) or Constantine from Constantine (2004) for examples of this.

The Stake, Sword, and Fire: Your character is assumed to behead, stake, burn, or otherwise use methods of final death on supernatural foes that have already been put down. For example, if your character had staked a vampire and dropped it below 0 HP effective neutralizing it, it would also be assumed they beheaded it as well. This only works on supernatural foes you are knowledgeable of for any method other than beheading or burning. If in doubt make an Occultism roll at the normal penalty to see if you know a particular monster’s weakness. This requires you have Occultism at 12+.

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