Melee Academy: Martial Arts Style – Tán Tuǐ


While preparing for my wuxia campaign, the Middle Kingdom, I wrote up a couple of styles for my players to use. The following was one of them. Technically, Tán Tuǐis mostly a series of forms or sub-style. I really stretch the GURPS definition of a martial arts style, but it’s cool and thematic and I like how it turned out.

Tán Tuǐ

4 points

Stylists of this form tend to need lots of room to set up their devastating kicks and will maneuver themselves to maximize their Reach and minimize their opponents defenses. Stylists can learn Acrobatic Kicks as soon as they put a point in style familiarity to represent the flashier forms of kicking inherent to this style.

Stylists learn the gamut of attacking with their legs and thus might use any kick in the style against an opponent. Tán Tuǐstylists tend to use a lot of set-up attacks requiring two or more maneuvers so they can utilize their more dangerous abilities. For example, a stylist might kick an opponent and on the next turn perform a leg throw. A combination to kick at the legs, chest, and head is fairly common and typical of the style

Cinematic stylists are like leaves on the wind performing Rapid Strikes and kicking so fast they might as well be a blur. Power Blow-assisted kicks make for strikes deadly enough to crush bone and concuss flesh.

Skills: Acrobatics; Karate; Wrestling.
Techniques: Acrobatic Stand; Axe Kick; Back Kick; Counterattack (Karate); Drop Kick; Ear Clap; Feint (Karate); Jam; Jump Kick; Kicking; Knee Strike; Leg Throw; Push Kick; Spinning Kick; Stamp Kick; Sweep (Karate).
Cinematic Skills: Flying Leap; Immovable Stance; Light Walk; Power Blow; Push.
Cinematic Techniques: Springing Attack; Roll with Blow; Lethal Kick
Perks: Acrobatic Feints; Acrobatic Kicks; Iron Legs; Rapid Retraction (Kicks); Skill Adaptation (Judo Throw to Karate); Special Setup (Karate Kick > Leg Throw); Technique Mastery (Any Kicking Technique); Unusual Training (Counterattack, Only after leg parry); Unusual Training (Dual Weapon Attack (Karate), must kick two adjacent opponents).

Optional Traits

Advantages: Combat Reflexes; Enhanced Dodge; Fit or Very Fit; High Pain Threshold; Hundred Rending Kicks; Language (Chinese).
Disadvantages: Disciplines of Faith; Sense of Duty (Shaolin Monastery); Vows.
Skills: Breath Control; Jumping; Karate Art; Meditation; Philosophy (Buddhism); Savoir-Faire (Dojo).
Techniques: Knee Drop; Lower-Body Arm Lock; Lower-Body Head Lock; Lower-Body Leg Lock; Scissors Hold; Triangle Choke; Trip.

Picking Over the Bones

And there is that. Simple. Pretty. All about them kicks. One of my players helped put this together with a few tweaks from me. Some useful links that was used to formulate this style:

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