The Hurt Locker: Building an Ambush Point

GURPS After the End 2: The New World has some interesting (simplified) rules for sniper fire. This got me to thinking: How could I create a quick rule set for creating an ambush point/Sniper’s nest? PK’s wonderful little check lists (as I like to call them) such as the Hunting rules (The New World, p. 30).

Ambush Points & Sniper Nests
To create an ambush point use the following:

1. Decide if you are building an ambush point for a group of foes or a sniper’s nest to attack others. To find an appropriate spot for an ambush make a Per-5, Survival roll at -3, Per-based Area Knowledge, Per-based Soldier, Per-based Strategy for large scale ambushes, or Per-based Tactics for small scale ambushes. Add any appropriate bonus or talent (e.g., Born Soldier). Success lets you proceed to Step 2. Critical success gives a +2 on all further rolls – you found the perfect spot! Failure means you have a location that will work, but gives a -1 to all further rolls. Critical failure is a disaster. For ambush points, he GM uses these rules and rolls for the leader of the opposing force at -1. For sniper’s nests, this gives a bonus to spot the sniper equal to +10 + one-third the margin of success of step 2. For example, if they critically failed Step 1, and made the roll for Step 2 by three then others would gain a +9 bonus to spot them.

2. For ambush points, make a Tactics roll for small scale ambushes or Strategy for large scale ambushes. Optionally, make an IQ-based Survival roll at -4, Geography (Physical) at -4, or IQ-6 roll if better. Those setting up a sniper nest may use Camouflage, if better. Note your margin and proceed to step 3a for ambush points or step 3b for sniper nests.

3a. Success results in you setting up a “kill box”. Those inside it must make a Perception roll or lose initiative for the first round! See Surprise Attacks and Initiative (p. B393). This allows the character to maneuver himself or his allies or gives you a bonus to hit/Active Defense or gives a penalty to Active Defenses/bonus to hit or a mix of these benefits (see the chart):

Effect            Margin Cost            Notes
Move             1 point per                Allows you to take a Step (p. B00)  
Attack            2 point per                Gives you a ±1 bonus to hit on the first round of combat. 
Defense         3 point per               Gives you a ±1 bonus to defend on the first round of combat. 

3b. Success results in a concealed area you can shoot from using the rules for Sniping (After the End, p. 45), substituting your Camouflage roll for Stealth. You’re automatically considered to be “in the shadows” Remember to take your distance in account for the range penalties and don’t forget any gear you’re using (e.g., flash suppressors)!

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