Boil and Bubble: Ofuda/Fulu in Sorcery

Ofuda/Fulu are the paper talismans you see flying around in your favorite anime. They’re a form of temporary magic in most cases – as long as it’s attached – and usually as powerful as any spell the mage might cast. For my Ten Thousand Jade Petals campaign originally, I thought I’d share with you guys.

New Enchanted Object: Fulu

Fulu, or paper talismans are effectively enchanted items with a single use. Instead of requiring the Enchant spell, fulu requires you have Symbol Drawing at at least 14 to do. Use the normal enchantment rules with the following changes:

  • The multiplier applied to EP is 0.1 for one fulu talisman plus another 0.05 per additional fulu being made as part of the same “batch.”
  • The batch’s inherent value represents exotic ingredients.
  • The enchanter may use the better of IQ or Symbol Drawing skill (plus Magery) to generate EP.
  • Ignore Additional Details (p. 00) and Upgrading It (p. 00).
  • Using the fulu draws FP from the person who uses it, not the subject.
  • No resistance roll for spells that are resisted is rolled until after the fulu is stuck to the subject. To do this offensively make a roll against an unarmed skill such as Brawling or Sumo Wrestling. Ignore the subject’s DR for this purpose only.
  • Spells with indefinite durations last for a flat one minute.
  • Area-effect fulu target the area they are attached to. For animate objects this means they can move with the subject as long as the subject moves at 1 yard per second or less. Single subject fulu must be placed on the subject.
  • To work out the price per fulu, divide the total cost of the batch by the number of fulu made at once. For simplicity, the GM can assume that NPC talisman makers work in batches of five, for an effective per-fulu EP multiplier of ¥0.3.
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