Boil and Bubble: The Path of Blades

A new path for those who want to merge swordsmanship and path/book magic.

The Path of Blades

Great swordsman make the wielding of a blade look like magic, but in fact some of them are using magic. Old as the swords themselves, The Path of Blades is all about repairing swords or wielding them. Additionally, Endure Elements (for heat only) (Thaumatology,  143), Firecalm (Thaumatology,  143), Loyal Item (swords or blades only) (Thaumatology,  154), Repair (Thaumatology,  147), Warrior’s Blessing (Thaumatology,  150), and Ghost Sword (Thaumatology,  161) are all Path of Blades spells.

One With The Blade

Effect Shaping: Path of Blades-5; 1dx10 minutes.
Energy Accumulating: 18 points.

The spell connects a sword with its wielder via a magical link. It grants a bonus to all rolls to use the weapon for the next hour after it’s picked up a second time equal to one-third the margin of success on this spell (minimum of +1); for energy accumulating this instead becomes +1 per 3 points accumulated after the required amount. Rolls include skill rolls, damage rolls, parry rolls, rolls vs. breakage, rolls to be disarmed, and so on.

Soul of Steel

Effect Shaping: Path of Blades-1; 5 minutes.
Energy Accumulating: 12 points.

This spell gives a +2 on all rolls to resist breakage, +2 DR, and +2 to HT rolls while active. The baseline spell is active for 24 hours, but this may be extended to a week for -3 to rolls, a month for -6 to rolls, or a year for -9 to rolls. For -10 it can be made indefinite until dispelled. GMs may want such weapons to be sold on the market. If so, this adds +19 CF to the cost of a blade ensorcelled this way.

If a weapon is made by the same person enchanting it, halve all penalties, round down.

The Riddle of Metal

Effect Shaping: Path of Blades-3; 5 minutes.
Energy Accumulating: 6 points.

This spell causes any who view the magician’s sword to make a Will roll at -1 per per three points by which they succeeded their skill roll. Failure means the subject is dazed and must continue watching the sword. Success gives a -1 to all rolls as they resist staring at it, but are unable to drag themselves away entirely. This lasts for as long as the magician maintains the spell or until he sheaths his blade.

Picking Over the Bones

It’s been a long while since I post anything for Path/Book magic and I figured I ought to. Not everything can be ritual path magic or sorcery after all. This one is short and sweet, but highly flavorful I think. It’s for swordsman, blacksmiths, or both who want to add a spark of magic to their creations or weapons.

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  1. Ever since I saw Path/Book stuff in Thaumatology and one of your pyramid articles (which happened to be after Ceteri ended), I always wanted Amos from them to know that sort of stuff. It seemed more up his alley than effect shaping RPM. Thankfully, at least, it seems like it can always be adapted over to it with some effort.

    It’s a bit sad there’s not more official Path/Book stuff out there.

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