Carpe Blogiem: Patreon Goals for March 2021

We started with something to work forward to last month on both my blog and my Patreon. The idea is simple: One or more goals a month with a promised reward for all Patreon patrons. Here’s the goal and its reward for March 2021:

  • It’s a Kind of Magic: This month I’m looking for five new signups for Patreon or pledge increases by existing patrons. Your reward? Your choice of new RPM magic spells, new Sorcery spells, or new standard Magic spells in a Patreon Special form. I’ll be sourcing ideas for these from existing patrons.. If I get twenty or more new $5 pledges or upgrades from existing users I will release a new magic system. Current contenders are either a hack of RPM, a symbol magic system (yes, fully worked, it’s practically a small book), or some variation of Sorcery.

And that’s it! Spread this post and spread the word. The more folks we have jump on the more stuff I’ll make.

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