GURPS101: Monster Hunter Inhuman Power-Ups I

The GURPS Monster Hunters series provides a working framework to create campaigns reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Dresden Files, etc. One of the possible player character templates is the inhuman, monstrous beings who are fighting the good fight against their evil brethren. Here are a two new power-ups to make playing your inhuman more interesting.


20 points.

You’ve been around for a while. Whenever you encounter a situation, go to a specific place, hear a language spoken, and so on the GM may roll your IQ secretly to see if it triggers a helpful memory from the past. For example, you might have read the original Inferno by Dante Alighieri and while perusing a modern copy might notice a vital clue in your current investigation. You may also use this ability actively, but roll at IQ-5. In either case, add any bonus due to Eidetic or Photographic Memory, from special talents, and any other general recall modifier. Success gives you useful information; critical success gives you a vivid replay worth a +1 to rolls related to it. Critical failure means you’ve blocked that memory out – for whatever reason. It also works as a general “catch all” for any skill the GM and player agree the character could have learned in his past. This gives the character a bonus to his default rolls depending on his margin of success: 1 – 3, gives a +1 to rolls; 4 – 6, gives a +2; while success by 7 or more, gives a +3. Critical success lets you roll as if you had it at attribute +0. In any case, if a skill has an unusually generous default, you can’t raise it to the level that actual points in the skill would buy.

For example, a vampire may have settled down at some point and become a farmer. If the GM agrees, then he may roll his IQ-5 to gain a bonus to Farming/TL3.



You’re much more powerful or less inhibited than your typical inhuman. This power-up varies from inhuman race to inhuman race. Consult the following to determine what it grants.

  • Demon: Remove Weakness (Contact with holy water and artifacts; 1d per minute). 10 points.
  • Lycanthrope: Reduce Vulnerability (Silver) to x2. 10 points.
  • Vampire: Remove Weakness (Contact with holy water and artifacts; 1d per minute). 10 points.

The GM may allow further instances of this trait to buy off disadvantages on inhuman templates until the character has few if any disadvantages. Alternatively, they may allow PCs to buy traits from the entries for their race in GURPS Monster Hunters 3: The Enemy for more potent characters.

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