Designer’s Notes: Lord of Your Own Domain

I had to cut a few things from my article in Pyramid #3/63 Infinite Worlds II to save space. I figured I’d share the outtakes below:

Projected Psi-Realm: For Dream Control and Astral Projection the GM may decide that the psi does not travel physically to his domain – instead he projects himself. This is a -0% limitation. The player may also wish to make his Psi-Realm an Alternative Ability to either his Astral Travel or Dream Projection ability to save points.

Involuntary Journey


Default: Psi-Realm-8; Cannot exceed Psi-Realm.
           You can bring another being involuntarily to your psi-realm. Make a roll against skill with a -1 penalty per yard you are away from your target. If successful, the subject resists with HT. Failure means he (or it) changes location. Living subjects feel a powerful wrenching sensation, even if they resist and must make a Body Sense (p. B181) roll or spend the next turn recovering, though the psi may take a -1 penalty (which can be bought off) to have them avoid this. This technique is only available to psis with Psi-Realm at level 3 or higher.

Statistics: This uses Abilities at Default (GURPS Powers, p. 173) to get Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Modified Jumper, +850%; Based on IQ, Own Roll, +20%; Malediction 1, +100%; Teleportation, -10%) [96]. The advantage is Advantage is Jumper (Cannot Escort, -10%; Cannot Follow, -20%; Faster Concentration 5, +25%; Improved, +10%; Limited Access, Psis Pocket Dimension, -40%; Reduced Fatigue, 1 FP, +20%) [85]


Default: Psi-Realm-15; Cannot exceed Psi-Realm.
            Normally, the design of your psi-realm cannot be changed after its formation. You, however, can do just that with this technique. Nevertheless, the process is grueling and takes quite a bit of time. First, the character must “design” how his new realm will look. This requires a roll against this technique, a skill roll, and the expenditure of 2 HP. Psis with Architecture or similar design skills may roll against them instead of their Psi-Realm skill if better. Second, the psi must spend a number of hours equal to the character points in his Psi-Realm ability “shaping” the realm into its new form. This time need not be consecutive but during this period, his realm is inaccessible. After the requisite time, the psi must make another roll against his skill (or design skill if better) and spend 12 FP. This final skill roll determines the quality of the new realm. Success means the psi has matched up their “vision” adequately. Critical success means they’ve matched it up perfectly! Possibly, including things they didn’t think of but make sense (GMs discretion). Failure by three or less means the psi still got the design down, but the details are “muted” or things are missing. Failure by 4+ means the design fell apart, and no changes were made. All time, FP, and HP spent are lost. Critical failure means you’ve created an inhospitable area (though not immediately dangerous) and should probably start over. Quickly.

Statistics: This adds Reconfigurable (p. 12) for -10 and Cosmic, Allow a “non” instant use of psi technique for another -5. That last enhancement may be suspect, but I’ve played around with this since I wrote it and it feels pretty fair.

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