Designer’s Notes: Pulp Hunters! third article ever published had lots of editorial issues, but I was in for some serious OJT. It was also the first time I had a lot of outtakes of material I just couldn’t use. It was a labor of love for me because I really dig the various source material that Monster Hunters draws from and I really love Pulp games (though, sadly, I rarely get to play or run such things). Total writing hours were a mere 20. I spent almost 80 in editing and nearly 10 on revisions. The initial reactions for my article were one of the things that really kept me continuing to write because I almost gave up in despair after I realized my editorial skills were…well, they were crap. I eventually want to write a “MH in Wild West” because Weird West is the best West. 🙂 Now, for some outtakes. Here’s two new Inhuman options:






200 points

You were a mortal man once. But that was a long time ago. So long ago that you’ve forgotten more lives than you can count. You’re like any other man, but your vast experience allows you to solve a multitude of problems rapidly.

Attribute Modifiers: IQ+1 [20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Will+2 [10].
Advantages: Racial Memory (Active; Long Life, +0%*) [40]; Reawakened (Immortal Memories) [10]; Wild Talent 1 (Focus, Skills from previous experiences only, -20%) [16]. Choose one of the following packages:

1. Cursed Immortal: You ticked off some supernatural force that said “May You Live Forever” and since then has done its level best to make sure you do (and you suffer all the while). Hard to Kill 4 [8]; Regeneration (Slow) [10]; Regrowth (Temporary Disadvantage, Chronic Pain†, -20%) [32]; Unkillable 1 [50].
2. Human Sub-Species: You’re a freak of nature or maybe there are lots of you hidden throughout the world (though, in the end, there can be only one!). HT+1 [10]; Regeneration (Slow) [10]; Unkillable 2 (Achilles Heel, Decapitation, 20%) [80].
3. Object-Based Immortality: You gained your immortality thanks to an object. You must keep the object hidden and safe as its destruction results in your immediate and messy death. Hard to Kill 1 [2]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Regeneration (Regular) [25]; Regrowth [40]; Unkillable 1 (Achilles Heel, Damage from loss of object, -10%) [45]; Weakness (Loss of object; 1d/second; Quickened, +120%) [-22].
4. Process-Based Immortality: You gained your immortality thanks to an process. You must partake of your substances on a daily basis or slowly deteriorate. Dependency (Special potion or elixir; Daily; Aging, +30%) [-39]; Hard to Kill 1 [2]; Hard to Subdue 1 [2]; Regeneration (Regular) [25]; Regrowth [40]; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+8) [20]; Unkillable 1 [50].
Disadvantages: Flashbacks (Severe; Past Memories) [-10]; Odious Personal Habits (Slips into anachronistic speech) [-1]; Supernatural Features (Eerie Presence) [-10].
Features: None.
* Instead of the lives of ancestors, this represents a long life and the expedience or knowledge gained. In general, it should remove up to -6 penalties from Familairity, low-TL, etc. to skill rolls if a successful roll is used in addition to providing information. This is traded off by the immortal having to have been there or convince the GM he could have been.
† While the limb is regrowing, the immortal suffers from Chronic Pain (Severe; 2 hours; 12 or less) [-20]


200 points

You’re clay given life. Unlike most golems who are bloody single-minded, something about your creation went very wrong (or very right) and you can actually think on your own. Outwardly you resemble a normal (if brutish) human being, but if cut you don’t bleed blood, but leak clay.

Attribute Modifiers: ST+10 [100]; IQ-2 [-40]; HT+2 [20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Will+2 [10].
Advantages: Can burn HP for extra effort [1]; DR 2 [10]; Doesn’t Breathe [20]; Doesn’t Eat or Drink [10]; Doesn’t Sleep [20]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30]; Indomitable [15]; Injury Tolerance (Homogeneous, No Blood) [45]; Single-Minded [5]; Striking Surface [1]; Unfazeable [15].

Disadvantages: Appearance (Ugly) [-8]; Disturbing Voice [-10]; No Sense of Smell/Taste [-5]; Numb [-20]; Reprogrammable (Maximum Duration, 1 minute, -65%)  [-3*]; Sexless [-1]; Stubbornness [-5]; Supernatural Features (“Not Right”) [-10]. • Either Berserk (12) [-10] or Hidebound [-5] and Oblivious [-5].
Features: Affected by Path of Matter (instead of Body) magic; Neither has nor uses FP; Sterile.
* Requires a roll against Theology (Abrahamic) vs. the golem’s Will. Failure means the golem is now under that person’s control for one minute and may make a Will roll every minute to snap out of it. Critical failure means this lasts for a day instead!
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