Gamemaster’s Guidepost: Mad as Bones Part II

Last month, one of the Patreon Specials I put out for you, dear patrons, was Mad as Bones, and this month I’m adding to those rules. Celti has been playing with the idea of “mental” fatigue points for a long time (long as I have been acquainted with him), and when he suggested back in January 2015 that he’d love to see my take on it – I obliged. Soon after that, Celti showed me a secret-wiki entry for his own campaigns and some of the ways he’d modded my rules. I liked them so much that I asked if I could use them and maybe add a bit for a follow-up piece for Mad as Bones. Celti, being the upstanding mensch that he is said, “Sure! I was hoping you would.” As my granddaddy used to say “One good turn deserves another” (now whether he was talking about paying back good deeds or turning a wrench, I’ll never know, granddaddy was like that). So here I am revisiting the topic a bit with some more rules on Sanity Point loss, gain, and attacks. “Sanity Points” are abbreviated as “SP” for brevity’s sake.

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