Gamemaster’s Guidepost: Mini-Location – Fantasy Smithy

Sometimes you just need to drop a location into your game that’s already ready to go. It doesn’t mean a GM is ill-prepared, but he can’t predict every player character action. So what’s he to do? Well, GURPS has quite a few supplements out there that can detail specific locations, but what about smaller areas? Maybe just a building or two? Today’s Gamemaster’s Guidepost seeks to explore that idea with a “mini-location”: a typical fantasy smithy, with map, a few adventure seeds, and game stats for both the building and its contents …

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Note: This is an experiment for me as it took a lot of time to produce (and the artist to draw). I’d like to do some more “generally” useful locations like boat docks, warehouses, and so on, but I want to see how well this does (or doesn’t do). So if you’d like to see more ready to drop in locations for GURPS, become a patron. 😀
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