Gamemaster’s Guidepost: Monster Hunters Campaign – The Broken Night

Today’s Gamemaster’s Guidepost is yet another departure from the standard fare I’ve been producing. In fact, it’s a radical from anything I’ve ever posted on my blog. This is something that I’d normally held in reserve for a Pyramid article. But I decided that I have so much already in that grouping that it was time to take a chance. So here it is. A worked (short) campaign example for GURPS Monster Hunters…

            …Magic has always been around. It’s the very fires of creation. The stuff of the primordial. It’s a natural part of the order just like the spirits, gods, and loa that men pray to…but what of psionics? Are psionic powers just the human potential to be more than they are? Or are their origins far more sinister than anyone has ever realized. For example, why do vampires seem to have similar telepathic powers to some human psis? It’s because the vampires bredthem into us…by accident of course, they didn’t want their food to fight back. It all comes back to the blood, doesn’t it? Power in the blood. Eternal life (and damnation) in the blood. A secret history written in the blood of the innocent, penned by the damned, and hidden from the light of day for hundreds of years… Crimson Bonds is a campaign setting intended for Monster Hunters…

…was originally about 1,700 words and meant as a short Appendix Z-style article. It actually started life as a workable backdrop for a Pulp Action campaign that I eventually decided not to run. When Pyramid #3/8 Cliffhangers came out I polished it up a bit, wrote it in the style guide format, and then…promptly hid in the vault because I was too scared to submit it. I recently thought about getting all these short little backdrops for Monster Hunters together and combining them into one long article or short supplement (sort of like GURPS Zombies: Day One), but I don’t know if that’ll happen or not. There would need to be a demand for that sort of thing, despite what folks clamor on the forums for, settings and adventures sell extremely poorly. I thinkZombies: Day One is probably a bit of an experiment myself to see if that’s still true or if things have changed, but that’s getting far off topic.

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