GURPS101: Accessibility Modifiers For Number of Skills

Just a quick post on the number of skills in GURPS by their controlling attributes and then computed into Accessibility modifiers for advantages (GURPS Powers, p. 99). What can you use it for? No idea, but is probably will be useful at some point. This intentionally excludes required specialities for skills as that may fluctuate depending on the genre, TL, etc.

Accessibility Modifier of Skills by Count
The GURPS Basic Set has a grand total of 277 skills. Of those, 146 of them are IQ-based, 93 of the are DX-based, 12 of them are Per-based, 13 of them are HT-based, and 13 of them are Will-based. Using GURPS Powers we get the following then:

  • “Accessibility, Only IQ-based skills” (-20%)
  • “Accessibility, Only DX-based skills” (-25%)
  • “Accessibility, Only Per-based skills” (-40%)
  • “Accessibility, Only HT-based skills” (-40%)
  • “Accessibility, Only Will-based skills” (-40%)

So what if you want to have an Accessibility for two (or more) attributes? Just combine the total number of skills and divide by 277. For example
  • “Accessibility, Only IQ or DX-based skills” (-5%)
  • “Accessibility, Only DX or Per-based skills” (-25%)
You can even group them by “physical skills” (DX and HT skills) and “mental skills” (IQ, Per, and Will).
  • “Accessibility, Only mental skills” (-15%)
  • “Accessibility, Only physical skills” (-25%)
Picking Over the Bones
Note, the skill counts are from the Basic Set alone – I sincerely doubt it’ll affect the numbers above. This was a quick post designed to be helpful to GMs building powers. Did you find this useful? Would you like to see more posts like this? Less?
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