GURPS101: Alternate Alternate Form Rules

+Emily Smirle aka Bruno is perhaps one of my favorite GURPS people (well, people in general)
of all time. She’s smart, quick, and has an ability to look at a situation within the rules
and say “This is kind of broken” and then come up with a fix. In my Aeon campaign Emily is
playing “the Rat Queen” a freaky being who is a hive-mind of rats – oh yeah, and she has super
strength. Her character hinges a lot on the Alternate Form advantage. One thing she pointed
out (something I never really noticed before) was that when you raise one Alternate Form
it’s always better to just raise them all. That’s just wonky. We talked about this for a while and
she had some ideas she’d already noodled on. The following stems from that conversation…

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