GURPS101: Lens for Bard – The Warsinger

When I was starting to run Dungeon Fantasy for the first time I decided that I’d make a bunch of options that I knew my players would like or use. I did this both to fill out my handout a little more and to be able to use the content later on in a publication somewhere. This is usually how I approach all game design when it comes to my personal stuff (it’s one of the reasons why I have so many articles waiting in the Vault to be published elsewhere). Like most folks who play GURPS I enjoy the design almost as much as I enjoy actually running/playing a game. Anyways, this idea makes use of a lot of concepts from my and Antoni Ten Monros’ article “Team Up!” from Pyramid #3/65: Alternate GURPS III. This special requires Pyramid #3/61: The Way of the Warrior to use (see Rallying Cry, p. 9). Warsingers takes the idea of the bard and gives it a martial bent, then just runs with it. With lots of “buffing” and “debuffing” power-ups, it’s a handy addition to any delving party…

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