GURPS101: Tactfully Tactical – More Uses For Tactics

So +Douglas Cole talks about a few more uses for the Tactics skill in a recent blog post. I’ve already covered Evaluate as a skill. But the idea of Tactics doing is certainly a great springboard. So what would I do? Well, like always, I have a few ideas at hand.

More Tactical Effects
Besides its Basic Set uses, Tactics might be used for any of the following:

“Better Lucky Than Good”: For those that have spent at least 12 points in Tactics, the GM can allow a roll at -10 once per session to have a fortuitous circumstance in combat. Use the rules for Serendipity (p. B83), but the circumstance must be combat-related somehow. For example, this could allow a leader to have a perfect ambush spot or find the best bivouac for his forces, but it couldn’t provide extra gear or equipment.

“I Know That You Know That I Know”: By everyone on your side (up to your Leadership level) taking a -2 to their skill rolls to attack for the remainder of combat, they gain a +1 to all Active Defenses against a specific enemy group (e.g., all goblins your side are currently in combat with or the trolls living under Belagost Bridge). This requires a Tactics roll at a penalty equal to the total number of people on your side that’ll gain the bonus to Defense rolls.

“An Honest Man’s War”: At the start of a combat, each side’s leader must roll a Quick Contest of Tactics; record the margin of the winner. Whenever anyone makes a deceptive attack, Feint, Dirty Trick, etc. add 1/3 the margin (minimum of 1) as a bonus to offset the penalty inflicted. For example, if you had succeeded your roll by 6, then you’d add +2 to you Dodge to offset the Deceptive Attack your opponent just used on you. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to the leader’s points in Tactics / 4, minimum of 1.

“About Face!”: Once per person, per combat you may make a Tactics roll to get them to change their facing by barking an order, helping them move, etc. For every five points by which you succeed (minimum of 1), they may shift their facing one hex to the left or right. This takes a Concentrate maneuver, successful or not.

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