GURPS101 – You Are Going to Hell

In this thread, RyanW asked “What happens in Monster Hunters if you go to Hell and die there?” That is a very interesting question (See what I did there? I pulled a +Douglas Cole,  now I have to go drink a shot of whiskey – don’t ask, inside joke. ~_^). What does happen? Well, that depends on the cosmology as many posters chimed into say, but I’m going to address specifically what I think will happen in the Monster Hunters universe.

I’m Dead, Now What?
Let’s just gloss over the whole part where your character died, the GM can figure that out on his own without my help. So you’re dead. The GM can always just say, “Welp, you’re dead. Do you have Extra Life? No, fine. Sit there until someone resurrects you, or you could go into point debt….” But that’s…boring. So what could happen? Well, the GM could go one of the above routes, or even say that you can’t die in hell and give all visiting mortals there Regeneration (Slow), Unkillable 2, and Regrowth. But there’s a catch (there always is): if you die in Hell, you immediately lose access to 1dx5 points worth of traits, or you gain new disadvantages. Souls are resilient…but they ain’t that resilient. Optionally he could also use the following template (simply apply it to the character and use the point debt rules if need be).

Infernus Corpus
Your body is dead and gone. You’re a dead soul. Maybe you belong in Hell, maybe you don’t. Regardless you’re some sort of freaky solid spirit that’s infested with demonic energies. You probably shouldn’t have died in Hell. GMs who want to use the Dead Soul as an option for Inhuman Champions should eliminate the IQ and HP penalty and add both Language (Demontongue; Native) and two optional packages from the Demon template on p. 50 of GURPS Monster Hunters 1. This brings the total cost to 200 points.

Dead Soul

100 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST+2 [20]; IQ-2 [-40]; HT+2 [20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP-2 [-4]; Per+2 [10].
Advantages: Damage Resistance 4 [20]; Doesn’t Breathe [20]; Doesn’t Eat or Drink [10]; Doesn’t Sleep [20]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30]; Injury Tolerance (Homogenous, No Blood) [45]; Resistance to Mind-Affecting Effects (+3) [10]; Temperature Tolerance 10 [10].
Disadvantages: Amnesia (Selective) [-10]; Appearance (Hideous) [-16]; Bloodlust (12) [-10]; Disturbing Voice [-10]; Frightens Animals [-10]; Social Stigma (Monster) [-15]; Weakness (Contact with holy water and artifacts; 1d per minute) [-10].

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  1. This would be a good place to bring in kenneth hite's Power Corrupts rules from Horror. I think I'd treat death in Hell as you kention with Unkillable, Regeneration, and Regrowth, but slap Corrupting, -20% on them. So each death lets you slowly return for a mere 30 corruption.

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