The Hurt Locker: Gear Repositories for What’s In a Lair?

After one of my C-Team players for my Aeon campaign noted the lack of armories or “gadget” rooms in my rules for “What’s in a Lair?” I came up with some rules on the spot, but that got me thinking: Maybe some other folks could use this too.

New Fixture: Gear Repository


A room containing gear or equipment such as an armoury or supply closet. Such equipment cannot exceed the TL of the base itself. This also includes a method of cataloging such gear. At low TLs, this is likely via a written check in or check out, while at high TLs, this could be a RFID or barcode system, embedded locator chips, etc.

Repositories give a bonus to the roll to determine if a particular item could be found within a repository using the rules for Available Resources Range (Pyramid #3/86 Organizations, p. 7) as long as that item is appropriate. For example, you could not find explosives in a food pantry or computer supply close.

For a +1 to Available Resources Range this costs +5 CF. For +2 this costs +20 CF, for +3 this costs +100 CF, for +4 to the roll this costs +300 CF. If this bonus only applies to a smaller class of equipment apply one of the following cost reductions.

  • Broad Category (weapons, electronics, etc.): Full Cost.
  • Large Category (computer parts, dwarven goods, guns): -20%.
  • Small Subcategory (desktop computer parts, dwarven weapons, rifles): -40%.
  • Narrow Subcategory (desktop power supplies, dwarven blades, sniper rifles): -60%.
  • Specific Item  (Corsair desktop power supplies, dwarven axes, Russian sniper rifles): -80%.
For example, a Gear Repository that only contained sniper rifles and assorted gear that gave a +4 to rolls would cost +60 CF. 
If you only get the bonus when finding gear from one TL less than the bases, this applies a -20% reduction (maximum of -80% when combined with the above or not)
Picking Over the Bones
I really can’t believe I forgot something like this. I kind of folded it in the rules for Available Resources, but still there was room for something like this. Color me annoyed. Overall, I like how this turned out and I totally borrowed the categorical rule for the Cheaper Equipment perk. It just makes since to separate it like that.
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  1. Nice. I'm thinking I'm going to use this for Psipoc, since it's such a piece of bookkeeping pain to track every sewing kit and water purifier the players have gathered up.

  2. Man, I read that article a while ago, and remember thinking at the time it was some good stuff, but it somehow slipped my mind. I guess since I'm in the final stretches of prep time for a new campaign, I can take a closer look at it.

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