The Hurt Locker: The Wayfarer’s Friend

I like mucking around with magic systems and today I decided to play with the standard magic system and create a pricey item for Dungeon Fantasy. Behold! The Wayfarer’s Friend.

Wayfarer’s Friend

Created by the brilliant magician Wylan Dakkar, this well-put together backpack is made of fine leather that has been dyed a purple so dark it’s almost black. It’s also been extensively tattooed and beaded with scenes of travel (footpaths, mountain valleys, etc.). Its straps are kept together with silver buckles and its toggles are made of ivory. It can hold up to 100 lbs. of gear (60 lbs. in the main compartment, and another 40 lbs. in two side compartments); halve the weight of gear stored in these three compartments for the purposes of encumbrance. It can store a further 100 lbs. of gear in a fourth compartment that’s been enchanted with Hideaway and hidden in a flap on the inside of the pack; gear stored in this compartment does not count against encumbrance. The straps of the backpack also have additional function: the right is effectively both a Delver’s Webbing (Adventurers, p. 25) that can contain up to 10 lbs. of gear, while the left functions as a Potion Belt (Adventurers, p. 25) that can hold up 4 lbs. of potions or grenades and another 4 lbs. in a Hideaway (which doesn’t count against encumbrance). Halve these weights for the purposes of encumbrance.

A successful IQ-based Hiking roll gives the bearer a +2 to Hiking or Fast-Draw rolls to remove gear from it, and negates up to -2 in penalties to Climbing, Stealth, and Swimming rolls; the latter never gives a bonus.

While worn, the bearer is under the effects of Coolness, Shade, Umbrella, and Warmth spells. Moreover, the bearer can invoke Slow Fall, Swim, and a special version of Quick March (all at skill 20). Quick March gives its usual benefits, but the FP cost is halved and the requirement for sleep is waived. It otherwise functions as a larger-than-normal Quick-Release Backpack with the listed modifiers.

Required Spells: Coolness (+$12,000), Hideaway (84 lbs. of space) (+$624,000), Lighten (-50%) (+$30,000), Lighten Burden (-50% to the weight of items contained within it) (+$36,000), Quick March variant (+$60,000), Shade (+$6,000), Slow Fall (+$60,000), Swim (+$60,000), Umbrella (+$6,000), and Warmth (+$12,000). All spells are Power 20 (+2 CF). $906,000.
Base Item: A “large” Quick-Release Backpack’s base value was figured using a frame backpack and multiplying it by five for a base cost of $500. It has the following modifiers: Fine (+19 CF), Expensive (+1 CF), Rugged (+1 CF), Expensive Dying (+8 CF), Extensive Tattooing (+6 CF), Extensive Expensive Beading (+7 CF), and Silver Plating (+2 CF). $22,500, 6.6 lbs.
Total Cost and Weight: $928,500, 3.3 lbs.

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