Triple Threat: Yar! There Be Monsters

I’ve been considering adding some extra resources to my blog for GURPS Gamemasters for some time. Since most of the things I create in my campaign end up as a part of a GURPS book or article somewhere I don’t usually post a lot of my game ‘stuff’ online (why give the milk away for free when  I can sell it?). My current campaign sort of changes that up a bit because of the various H.P. Lovecraft and Mythos elements that are embedded in it – basically I can’t use this stuff in a GURPS book or Pyramid article so I’m posting it here pour vous. Since I want the material to be able to be used by the widest possible GURPS audience I’ll post three different versions of each critter/character/ whatever. One for Dungeon Fantasy, one for Monster Hunters, and one for ‘standard’ GURPS. A few caveats: 1) I’m guessing on some stuff for DF and MH because I run a cinematic gritty non-DF/MH game; 2) While most of these monsters are from some portion of the Cthulhu mythos some are of my own design (and I’ll mark it as such) or have been given a new ‘spin’ by me – I don’t care if you repost ‘em just attribute me. ^_^; 3) If you do use them in your games I’d love to know how it went so drop me a line here or on Twitter; 4) Finally, the stuff that is copyrighted I don’t claim a copyright and I’m not trying to infringe, just trying to have fun! (don’t sue me -whimper-)

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