Boil and Bubble: Ritual Path Magic Miscellany II

Here’s another installment of Ritual Path Magic Miscellany – today I’m talking about extra effort, supernatural healing limits, and tracking magic.

Extra Effort for Ritual Path Magic

The GM may allow casters to use a form of Extra Effort with magic. If so, use the following guidelines:

Agile Magic: This can only be used on external-based spells. Your target suffers a -2 to Dodge and Block attempts to avoid being hit by your spell. This costs 1 FP.

Alacritous Magic: You gather 1.3 times your margin of success in energy instead of just your margin of success. This costs 1 FP.

Brute Magic: Increase the damage of the spell by +2 or +1/die. For afflictions, increase the time the subject is affected by the spell by an additional margin of two if they fail. This costs 1 FP,

Determined Magic: Increase your casting skill by +1 per FP spent, up to a total of +4. This costs 1 FP to 4 FP.

Supernatural Healing Limits for Ritual Path Magic

Magic is limited in how much they can repair a living body (or spiritual vessel, physical form, etc.). This limit is equal to the subject’s HP within a single span of thirty days (or one lunar cycle). This can be exceeded, but every multiple of (HP/2) requires a HT roll at a cumulative -1 to the roll. Failure means the subject suffers a cumulative -1 on all HT rolls for a single cycle. At the end of period make an HT roll, success means you shed -1 worth of penalties for every three points by which you succeed; critical success sheds all penalties. Add +2 to your roll if you suffered no HP loss or abstained from further supernatural healing during this time, add +4 if both are true!

Critical failure results in the subject gaining Unhealing (Partial) with only supernatural healing restoring lost HP. If he already has this he gains Unhealing (Total) . . . he’s not dead, but it’s only a matter of time. Only powerful spells or ritualistic cleansing can remove this disadvantage.

Tracking Multiple Targets With Magic

A Greater Sense effect can be used to track multiple targets at the same time, but inflicts a penalty based on the number of tracked targets. All targets must be in the same area when the spell goes off. For charms, all targets must touch or otherwise handle it for them to be affected. For example, if this spell were cast on food anyone who consumed it could be affected by the spell! Instead, find the most number of subjects your spell can affect at once in the Linear Measurement column of the Size and Speed/Range Table (p. B550), read across to the Speed/Range column and use that number as the penalty for your rolls to cast this spell.

Picking Over the Bones

A few more items from my Vault packaged together in bloggable nomable format. It occurs to me that some of these things might be put together in varying ways. For example, perhaps healing a target with magic requires that you expend FP or that using external afflictions can benefit from Extra Effort.

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