Carpe Blogiem: Dungeon Fantasy Boxed Set Kickstarter Announced

So it’s official: GURPS is sticking its toes into the Kickstarter pool. This. Is. Amazing. News. Seriously. Amazing. If you are a fan of GURPS and have complained over the years about Steve Jackson Games not using a Kickstarter to fund products for their RPG line now is the time to nut up or shut up. Even if you hate Dungeon Fantasy. Even if you prefer science fiction go back the damn Kickstarter. (Whenever that comes out – they’re saying tomorrow sometime and I’ll likely be talking about this again whenever they do start the Kickstarter.)

Also, I’ve decided to run as many Dungeon Fantasy posts on my blog as I can. Since I’m rather busy myself I thought I’d get some folks who enjoy GURPS, but lack a blog to help promote GURPS during this time. After all, we want this to fund and maybe do better than both Car Wars and Ogre! If you’re interested drop me a PM or quote this and I’ll contact you.

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