The Hurt Locker: Tangler Pistol

So recently someone posted about the “goo guns” from the Incredibles on the forums. Since that is one of my favorite superhero flicks of all time I decided to poke at the idea of building a “goo gun” using metatronic generators.

New Binding Modifiers
First, some new modifiers for Binding (p. B40):

Cosmic, Enhanced Layering: This Cosmic variation comes in multiple levels. The first means that when you hit a target with a Binding to layer it, the ST increase is equal to 1/10 of your Binding level. For +100%, it’s 1/5 your Binding level. For +300% it’s 1/3 your Binding level.

Cosmic, Enhanced DR: This Cosmic variation comes in multiple levels. The first means that when you hit a target with a Binding its DR is equal to 1/2 your Binding level, not 1/3. For +100%, it’s equal to your Binding level. For +300% it’s twice your Binding level. 
Metatronic Generator: Tangler Wrist-Mounted Pistol
Here’s a grapnel pistol that always seems to be in the superhero’s arsenal.

Tangler Wrist-Mounted Pistol (EGP) (TL8^)
These sleek looking gauntlets (each weigh about 1.5 lbs. and can shoot 30 shots) contain multiple vials of a two-part compound that when compound great a sticky blob of expanding foam. On a hit, your target is pinned (p. B370) and rooted in place. He cannot change facing or select the Move or Change Posture maneuvers, and he gains a -4 to DX. Your target can attempt to break free, but you must win a Quick Contest of ST roll vs. 20 to do so. This takes 1 second. Failure results in 1 FP lost and the victim cannot attempt to break free again for another 10 seconds; on a 17 or 18 the victim becomes helplessly entangled and cannot escape on his own. Victims can only damage the goo with purely mental abilities (which take a -4 penalty) or innate attacks (which hit automatically). The blob has DR 10 and HP 20, at 0 HP it’s destroyed. Others attacking the blob risk hitting the victim on a miss (see Striking Into a Close Combat, p. B392). Anyone touching it risks being bound to the same spot as well! The goo persists for 8 hours before harmless degrading.

Multiple hits can layer the goo increasing the ST of it by two per hit. This weapon requires two forms of “ammo.” The first is the two-part compound and the second is the batteries, which shoot and mix the binary compounds. They also provide DR 4 to the forearms of the subject (on an arm hit, roll 1d, on a 1-3 the DR protects). Small, $560,000, 3 lbs. lbs. T or 2xA/60 shots. LC3.

GUNS/TL (PISTOL) (DX-4 or other Guns-2)

Spec. (see above)

[1] This attack has Selective Fire, allowing it to fire as if it had RoF 1-3.

Statistics: Damage Resistance 4 (Partial, Upper Arms, -30%; Superscience, -10%) [12] + Binding 20 (Conventional Firearm, Shots 30, Selective Fire, Slow Reload, +80%; Cosmic, Enhanced DR, +50%; Cosmic, Enhanced Layering, +50%; Engulfing, +60%; Extended Duration, 30,000x, +180%; Only damaged by corrosion or burning attacks, +20%; Reduced Duration, 1/10, -20%; Sticky, +20%; Superscience, -10%) [212]. Notes: This has the “Requires Extra Consumables” modifier (-0.2 CF) which increases the cost of the reloads to $56 per full reload of 60 shots, but has Concealable (+0.2 CF), which gives a +2 to Holdout rolls.

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