Carpe Blogiem: Thoughts on the Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter

Guest Post by Denis McCarthy

As a fairly die hard Dungeon Fantasy GM, it should not surprise anyone that I am a big fan of the kickstarter.

My dungeon game pre-dates both Dungeon Fantasy and 4e, and I have updated it as the new rules were released. In it’s current incarnation I have been running it for over 3 years as a play-by-post here, feel free to drop by and take a look under the hood, or even join the game.

The ability to port backgrounds from other genres and even game systems was one of the things I most enjoy about GURPS. I had issues with the primary mechanic of level based games, and consider GURPS to be the best system on the market. The depth of world books has been so useful to me in this process; for several years I ran a game of Lovecraftian investigation using GURPS Horror, and GURPS Cthulhupunk I blended in things from the GURPS/Whitewolf crossovers. 3e had, for the most part, only lists of suggested skills and advantages for a character type, and the first templates I had to work with at the time were from Sean Punch’s GURPS Undead. I spent a lot of time working and reworking characters from the templates in that book. I have spent considerably more time doing the same with Dungeon Fantasy templates and lenses, and have built a number of my own in order to assemble the cast of characters my players meet.

The toolkit that Dungeon Fantasy provides makes it so much easier to quickly build npc’s, and the organizational structure of the books smooths over a lot of the mechanical things needed to run a game.I anticipate that the boxed set is going to further streamline the character generation process.

Those who follow my blog will know I have been working up a set of rules for very low powered play as a means of introducing the game to non-GURPS players, but I know the Dungeon Fantasy RPGt will do this so much better!

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