Designer’s Notes: Magical Tradecraft

This one was another one of those things that was a blast to write. I mainlined Burn Notice for several days, while taking notes for cool feats of skill or times when magic would have just been insanely useful to have. I then watched a few spy movies, made a few more notes, and then did a fast outline at Beth’s insistence (the first time I’d done that for an article). Once that was finished I began putting words to paper (well, text to screen). Because of all the notes I made and having to reference those and the outline (something I really wasn’t used to) writing took a whopping 60 hours as I cross-referenced, checked, doubled-checked, triple-checked, and rechecked my work to make sure I’d covered all bases I could. Revisions were fairly quick and took only 3 hours. Editing took nearly 30 hours as Beth continued to bash into my head proper grammar. This was yet another work that had no extras because I a) used an exacting outline and b) had made a list of things I wanted to cover that actually fit.

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