Designer’s Notes: May the Shadows Guide You

With “May the Shadows Guide You” I began to hit my stride. I’d half a dozen articles under my belt and a hit in Metatronic Generators (which is still fairly popular years later). The meat of this article actually hailed from a defunct fantasy campaign I ran. My significant other wanted to use GURPS Powers: Divine Favor instead of regular spells and since she was the only holy character in the campaign I agreed. Together we created several specialized learned prayers for her character and an entire “deific” framework. The game eventually puttered out (though it’s since been revamped and has been running for almost a year now) so I decided to turn all the material I’d written into something usable for Pyramid. Total writing time was around 2 hours (mostly formatting), total revision time was 8 hours, and total editing time was 32 hours. This was also the first article that Beth helped me with as she began to bash into my head proper English grammar. There were no outtakes from this one, since it was cribbed from my campaign notes and turned into something usable. I did have a lot of fun coming up with the sayings and many of them were pulled straight from game play from something that my other half’s character said or did.

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