The Hurt Locker: Castlevania Battle Cross

So Jpomena asked over on the forums what Castlevania’s Battle Cross might look like in GURPS terms. That’s a excellent question and one I decided to run with. Castlevania has a special place in my heart for many reasons and it’s by far one of my favorite video game series and I’ve played most of the American releases (up to about 2007 when I got out of console gaming). So how would I build it? why with Metatronic Generators of course!

Battle Cross

This large cross-shaped object has sharpened edges and can be thrown at a target (treat it as a large hungamunga, GURPS Martial Arts, pp. 231). It automatically returns to you at the end of your turn, though you must have at least one hand free to “catch” it and damages anyone in its path. Roll a 9 or less on 3d to see if the target is hit. If so treat the attack normally and allow whatever Active Defense is normally possible. It’s considered both a silver and a holy attack and damages those who are susceptible
         It may also be used in melee combat by gripping the center of the cross (which is not sharpened) and “punching” with it (counting as an improvised fist-load which does either cutting or crushing damage). It can also function as a large hungamunga if “depowered.” Small, Cost at TL3 is $22,528, while TL8 is $415,870 5 lbs. Self-Powered. LC3.
Statistics: Cutting Attack 3d+4 (Accurate 2, +10%; Counts as both a holy and silver attack, +10%; Damages those in its path on its return, +20%; Double Blunt Trauma, +20%; Double Knockback, +20%; Increased 1/2D, x10, +15%; Increased Range, Max, x2, +10%; PM, -10%; Melee Weapon, Throwable, Reach C, -5%; Returns to throwers hand at end of turn, +5%; ST-Based, +100%) [83]. Includes the cost of a Very Fine Balanced Silver-Coated Holy Large Hungamunga (+$1,778 at TL3 or $870 at TL8 and +2 lbs.)
TL: 3^ or 8^
Damage: Swing+3d+4 or Swing+4 with follow-up silver and holy effects
Acc: 5 or 2
Range: x1/x2 or x1/x1.5
Weight: 5 lbs.
RoF: 1
Shots: T(1)
ST: 11
Bulk: -3
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