The Hurt Locker: Spell Container

To help push (and celebrate!) the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Games Magic Items 2 kickstarter I’m going to release 1 new or converted magic item per day until the kickstarter closes. Here is the first one: my take on a Dungeons and Dragons ring of spell storing.

Spell Container

Power Item: 25 FP

Suggested Origins: Cosmic, Divine, Druidic, or Magical.

This innocuous looking jewelry – usually a gold ring – is carved with runes of power and glyphs of containment. When its true nature is known by a spellcaster (of any type) they can opt to cast a spell into the ring to be later released by the wearer.

• Spell Storing: The spell container can hold up to 25 FP worth of spells of a single type (e.g., all wizard or bard spells) or 15 FP of multiple types (e.g., cleric, druid, and wizard spells). To store a spell the spell container must either be held by the caster or be worn by a willing subject. The spell is then cast normally. Success means the spell is stored exactly as it is cast. Area spells have the area predetermined, spells with FP spend options have those options chosen, and so on. Critical failure causes the spell to go off right then and there (hazardous for damaging spells!), while critical success means the spell takes up no “space” in the spell container among any other effects! Failure requires the spell be recast normally. Unleashing a spell takes only a Concentrate maneuver regardless of previous casting time.

Weight: 0.5 lb.


The GM may wish to have “Greater” or “Lesser” spell containers. To do so, simply increase the base value of the underlying jewelry to refigure it’s value as a power item. This assumes spells of all one type, if multiple types are stored reduce this value by 3/5ths. For example, a 1 lb. gold bracelet could store up to 35 FP of a single magic type or 21 FP for multiple types.

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  1. I strongly dislike ‘generic’ contingency items from experience.

    One player would spend the start of every session having casting his PC cast delay. He would do it after every encounter too. I found it very frustrating and boring.

    If I was going to use this I’d probably limit it to specific spells and make it only affect the area the ring is in or the person carrying it.

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