The Hurt Locker: The Shield of Evaloch

Here’s a magical item from my Ceteriverse campaign.

The Shield of Evaloch

Power Pool: 45 FP

Origin: Cosmic and Mystical.

Also known as the Adventurous Shield, this was given to a Saracen King by Josephus (son Joseph of Arimathea). This all-metal heater shield has a red cross on a white background with a boss of a strange golden metal. Like Arondight, the shield was set aside by King Solomon for his descendants, unlike Arondight it became lost during a storm and was later fished from the Sea of Galilee until it found itself to Josephus’s hands. He then gave it to King Evaloch allowing him to win an important battle. As Josephus lay dying, he painted a red cross on the otherwise white shield in his own blood. His faith infused the shield and it healed him allowing him to go on and become a keeper of the Holy Grail. It was passed down through the ages to the worthy until it found itself in the hands of Lancelot who in turn passed it to his son, Galahad. Also like Arondight, the shield and its wielder are protected by an angel.


  • Shield Quality: Treat the shield as a balanced very fine all-metal – that is it gains a +2 to damage and -2 to breakage rolls and a +1 to all rolls to use it. In most circumstances, the shield cannot be broken much less damaged. Only cosmic artifacts, cosmically empowered beings, etc. can damage it. If so DR is 6, HP is 21, and HT is 12. For the purposes of cover DR the shield provides DR 27 and converts the remaining damage into double knockback damage. It provides DB 3 instead of the normal DB 2 that a heater shield would provide. Additionally, it counts as a holy symbol giving a +2 on rolls against evil supernatural entities involving to use True Faith, Exorcism, Mysticism abilities, etc.
  • Guardian of the Shield: Yasariel is bound to Arondight and the Shield of Evaloch as he gave up a portion of his halo to help create them. Because of this Yasariel may appear to help a truly needy wielder (a roll of 3 on 3d). Add +1 if he is currently at 0 HP or less or +2 if he is at -HPx2 or less. If the wielder possess both the shield and sword, he adds a further +1. Those with Divine Favor of 10 or higher add (Divine Favor – 9) to this roll. If the wielder dies, the angel will appear to claim the shield and the wielder to carry him to Heaven. Add a further -3 per instance Yasariel intervenes.
  • Hallowed Bastion: The shield’s Power Pool can be used to fuel athletics, martial feats, and physical extra effort – including Extra Effort in Combat (p. B357) or mystical/holy abilities. Additionally, whenever you would lose FP to starvation, thirst, missed sleep, overexertion, etc. it can instead come from the sword’s Pool. This includes LFP lost in this way. Moreover, FP or HP lost to attacks from malign supernatural entities can instead come from this Pool. Despite this, it only refills when the subject is on holy ground or held by a person of true faith (1 point per day), the wielder is in prayer (1 point per 12 hours of prayer), or in the presence of the truly holy, i.e., an angel of the lord (1 point per hour). Optionally, the wielder can sacrifice 1 HP (which heal normally) to restore 2 points of this Pool.
  • Loyal: This shield cannot be stolen or forcibly taken as it will always find its way back to its owner (just as if he had Signature Gear for it). Thieves suffer from the Cursed disadvantage until they return the shield and have a chance of summoning Yasariel every day who will punish them (often by summary execution) and return the sword to its original wielder (if he’s alive) or find a new one worthy of it (if he’s dead). If the wielder gives the shield up of his own free will this does not work at all – coercion by others counts as giving it up of the wielder’s own free will! Moreover, the wielder need never make Ready rolls to ready his shield. He simply has it in his hand should he desire it.
  • Miraculous Healing: Once per person per week the shield may restore the injured or sick just as if they were affected with Lay on Hands (Enhanced) (see GURPS Divine Favor, p. 15). The FP cost comes from the shield’s Power Pool. This ability can only be used on the devout.
  • My Brother’s Keeper: You may attempt to block attacks against others just as if you had the Sacrificial Block perk. Additionally, when performing a sacrificial block you may (once per second) move yards equal to your Shield / 5 skill. Those with Divine Favor can do this an additional time per 75 points they have in Divine Favor, learned prayers, and Power Investiture; round down.
  • Turn the Other Cheek: Once per 1d+1 seconds, the wielder can have the shield turn the damage he would have otherwise suffered into healing energy. Roll the damage of any attack blocked by the shield and add your margin of success on your Block roll, for every five points of basic damage rolled + your margin the wielder regains 1 HP.



  • Only the Worthy: Only those with a Divine Favor of 10 or higher, 36 or more points in Shield, or Divine Favor 8 or higher and 24 or more points in Shield can use it. The bloodline of Solomon (including those descended from Lancelot or King David) reduce these requirements to Divine Favor 8, 24 or more points in Shield, or Divine Favor 6 or higher and 16 or more points in Shield. The unworthy find they cannot lift the shield at all (treat it as if it weighed 150 x BL). The GM may allow those who are somewhat worthy to nudge or even move it slightly (treat it as if it weighed 50 x BL).


Weight: 10 lbs.

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