Boil and Bubble: Teamwork Ritual Path Magic Spells

Here are a couple of spells for ritual path magic casters to amp up their teamworking skills

All as One

Spell Effects: Greater Sense Mind + Greater Transform Mind x2.
Inherent Modifiers: Area Effect + Bestows a Bonus, Group actions.
Casting Time: 3 (x5).

This spell binds a group of up to six minds together (who must be willing!) empowering them to act as one being for 12 hours. They must all be within 2 yards of one another when the spell is cast. This gives all those under the effects of the spell the ability to speak with one another telepathic and sense one another’s surface thoughts (if the separated more than 500 miles this communication fails automatically). Furthermore, for the purposes of determining the range or origin of supernatural powers use the member of the group that is the closest. It also grants a +5 on actions performed as a group such as transferring Feints, working on lengthy tasks, etc.

Typical Casting: Greater Sense Mind (2) + Greater Transform Mind (8) + Greater Transform Mind (8) + Area Effect, 2 yards, includes six subjects (23) + Bestows a Bonus, +5 on group actions (24) + Duration, 12 hours (10) + Range, 500 miles (34). 545 energy (109×5).

Bolster Teamwork

Spell Effects: Lesser Strengthen Mind.
Inherent Modifiers: Bestows a Bonus, Next Complementary Skill Roll
Casting Time: 0 (x1).

The next roll the subject uses for a complimentary skill gets a +5 to its roll. Critical success gives double its bonus instead of merely a +2.

Typical Casting: Lesser Strengthen Mind (3) + Bestows a Bonus, +5 on next complementary skill roll (16) + Duration, 1 minute (3). 22 energy (26×1).

Remote Teamwork

Spell Effects: Lesser Sense Mind + Lesser Strengthen Mind.
Inherent Modifiers: None.
Casting Time: 0 (x1).
This ritual allows the caster to attempt complimentary skill rolls to help the subject of the spell as long as they are within 1 mile. This lasts for one minute.

Typical CastingLesser Sense Mind (2) + Lesser Strengthen Mind (3) + Duration, 1 minute (3) + Range, 1 mile (19). 26 energy (26×1).

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