Boil and Bubble: Incantation Magic – Mirage Maimer

A classic Dungeons and Dragons spell converted to use with my new Dungeon Fantasy book: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 19: Incantation Magic

Mirage Maimer
Spell Effects: Control Mesmerism + Destroy Mesmerism + Destroy Transfiguration.
Inherent Modifiers: Bestows a Penalty, Fright Checks + Damage, External Impaling.
Skill Penalty:  The lower of Path of Mesmerism and Destroy Transfiguration6.
Casting Time: 1 hour.
This spell creates an image in the target’s mind that causes an a immediate Fright Check at -5 if they ate affected by the spell (which resists only with Will!). If the Fright Check is failed, the image becomes “real” temporarily. Roll against your Path skill to hit. The target gets a Dodge.(but cannot Block of Parry!). If they fail to Dodge, the target instantly take 9d impaling that ignores DR! This only works on living beings.

Typical Casting*: Control Mesmerism (5) + Destroy Mesmerism (5) + Destroy Transfiguration (5) + Bestows a Penalty, -5 to Fright Checks (16) + Damage, External Impaling 9d† (16) + Subject Weight, 1,000 lbs. (4). 51 SP.

* Being based just on Will increases adds another spell effect for the purposes of casting time,
† This uses the enhanced progression for external effects because the attack is effectively a follow-up and requires a second roll to hit even though Transfiguration effects normally only using Internal Damage.

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