Boil and Bubble: Incantation Magic – Skulls and Masks

Blog or Treat! Today is GURPSday and I’ve got two new holiday-themed spells for incantors.

Skull Bomb
Spell Effects: Create Necromancy.
Inherent Modifiers: Damage, External Corrosion.
Skill Penalty:  Path of Necromancy8.
Casting Time: 10 minutes.
This spell turns an ordinary skull into an explosive device. This spell uses the rules for Conditional Spells (Incantation Magic, p. 20). When thrown (by sticking fingers in the eye sockets and mouth) it explodes outward in a spray of bone and caustic necromantic energies that cause 6d corrosion damage with 3d of cutting fragmentation damage (p. B104). It affects everything within 2 yards at full damage. It might affect targets further than that, but damage is divided by the radius in yards. This attack can start fires and affects spectral beings normally!

Typical Casting: Conditional Spell (5) + Create Necromancy (5) + Area of Effect, 2 yards (20) + Damage, Explosive Indirect Corrosion 6d (Affects Insubstantial, +20%; Explosion 3, +100%; Fragmentation 3d, +45%; Incendiary, +10%) (45). 81 SP. 

Mask of Samhain
Spell Effects: Strengthen Mesmerism.
Inherent Modifiers: Altered Traits, Terror.
Skill Penalty:  Path of Mesmerism‑11.
Casting Time: 10 minutes.
This spell channels the spirit of Samhain into the target’s face. For the next ten minutes anyone who can see you (but not your allies) must make a Fright Check at -5. If they succeed you can affect them again – but they get a cumulative +2 to their rolls (this effect lasts for 1 day and is tallied against different users of this spell, if applicable). This does have its drawbacks – the target’s head becomes monstrous and pumpkin-like giving -4 to reaction rolls.

Typical Casting: Strengthen Mesmerism (3) + Altered Traits, Terror 6 (Decreased Immunity 0, +20%; Nuisance Effect, -4 reaction rolls, -20%; Selective Effect, +20%) (108). 111 SP. 
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