Boil and Bubble: Spell Kits for Casters – the Defender

In a previous post, I talked about various “wizardly” archetypes and how you might create them using RPM. I’ve already done this for the Gatemaker and the Necromancer, but what’s next? Well, I’ve been watching a lot of Agents of S.H.E.L.D. and shields defend…so hey! Defender. That’s the ticket. I described the Defender archetype as…

“The Defender: This guy is all about defense. He’s reactive, not proactive. Unfortunately, the number of defensive effects are scattered over several Paths; he’ll probably need to pick one particular shtick and specialize in it: Path of Body (for enhancing living beings), Path of Chance (for those lucky breaks), Path of Energy or Matter (for conjuring barriers or “hardening” air), Path of Magic (for taking down other casters spells), and Path of Mind (for defending against mental effects). A variation is the “warder” – the guy who specializes in creating barriers to keep out supernatural forces. He needs Higher Purpose (Warding) and Path of Magic, Mind, Spirit, and Undead. Defender casters might consider a Higher Purpose for their specialty (Barriers, Conjuring (material), and so on). Defender magic is one of the archetypes that actually works better as charms or conditional spells.”

This was written before PK’s Ritual Path Specialists article and too this list I’d add Higher Purpose (Self-Defense) or Higher Purpose (Blocking Spells). The latter adds to any Blocking Spell (GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic, p. 24)….

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