Designer’s Notes: Chevaliers and Commanders

My last article. The last article I would write for Pyramid . . . was not written completely by myself. I co-write it with Hal “Wavefunction” Batty. In actuality, I had written the chevalier as standalone article with lots of mount choices, new gear, and more power-ups that were not in the final draft then I remembered that Hal had written this up back at the end of Pyramid Write Club. I took on Hal back at that point because what he had wrote needed to be in Dungeon Fantasy. It may have been based on my work, but it was a niche that needed filling. So, to make sure it was set in the official cannon I chucked out about half of my own work and edited what Hal had (all with his permission) and renamed it from “Dungeon Riders” to “Cavaliers and Commanders.” It was changed to its current title by Steven after I sent it in. Overall, I’m proud that I got the chevalier and commander in even if I had other options to try and get published.

It was the last one .  .  . and I think it was a good one.

All in all it took me about 60 hours to write, 50 hours to edit, 0 hours worth of research, and 60 hours of revision. I spent a further 8 hours looking over the preliminary PDF for any issues and revising.

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