Boil and Bubble: Optional Multiple Caster Rules for Effect-Shaping Ritual Path Magic

It occured to me the other day as I was looking at my rules for my Chronicles of Ceteri campaign setting that the regular rules for multiple casters in Effect-Shaping Ritual Path Magic are kind of anemic. Each caster gives a mere +1? +2 for a critical success. I decided to come up with something better. So this is what I came up with, figured I’d share it on ye olde blogge.

Optional Rule: Multiple Casters in Effect-Shaping Ritual Path Magic

Coordinating multiple casters is difficult, and requires a roll against the appropriate Path skill (sans the associated penalty) by each caster at a penalty equal to (total casters)-1. This takes the same amount of time as the spell normally requires. Subtract the number of unsuccessful rolls from the number of successful rolls and then divide the total by two; round up. Next, look up this number in the Size column of the Size and Speed/Range Table (p. B550), read across to the Linear Measurement column, and use that number as your bonus to the spell’s casting.

Example: The witch Lilly and her coven of six other casters are casting a Warding (Undead) on her home. This is normally a roll at Path of Undead-3 to cast the spell, but since the coven is working together everyone must roll against Path of Undead at -6. Lilly and five others succeed on their rolls. The GM subtracts the number who succeeded (six) from the one who failed (one) and gets five. Next, they round up getting a total of three. They then look up 3 in the Size column of the Size and Speed/Range Table, and read across to the Linear Measurement column to get the bonus to the Warding (Undead)’s casting. In this case, +7. Lilly then roll her Path of Undead at +4 (-3 for the spell and +7 for the group casting).

Picking Over the Bones

Overall, it’s a teetch complicated, but I think it works very well and gives the same kind of feel as regular Ritual Path Magic’s multiple caster rule. Also, if you’re not using the Size, Speed, Linear Measurement/Range table you’re doing it wrong. 😛

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