Carpe Blogiem: A Call for Players

And I’m back again looking for players. For a while now my groups were steady, but life and withdrawals to do other things have hit me hard on the gaming front. I’m specifically looking for 2-3 players for my Monday night B-Team. We play every week at 1930 hours EST to 2330 hours EST. The campaign is set in my Chronicles of Ceteri universe. See the following posts for information on the setting:

Campaign Premise

Here’s the campaign premise from the setting bible:

The everyday plodding along of life hides something fantastic and terrifying. Beyond the veneer of mundane existence lies the world of the ceteri. A world full of wonder. A world full of fear. A world of impossible possibilities. This is the world that the Conclave has been hiding for millennia. The world that any logical, sane person would say is the result of too many bad movies, too many drugs, or too much drink. Or maybe they’ve just gone mad. This is the world of vampires and werewolves, of angels and demons, where Heaven and Hell are around every corner. Where ancient inhuman beings vie for power. Where sorcerers use magic to change the world around them. Where psychics send their souls outward to play in the aether. Where miracles happen to the devout.

The Conclave protects and polices this world, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Humanity has spread out too far and too fast and with them the various supernatural beings that follow them around for food, reproduction, or play. Thousands of years ago a powerful sorcerer named Kashaph separated the world of man and the world of monsters and set about his followers to watching over the wall he’d made. This was the beginning of the Conclave. Later, Merlin would be born and he would lead the Conclave into a golden era with his friend Arthur forming the first custos (iconically represented in folklore as the Knights of the Round Table – who would later on become the Templar Knights, then the Venatori, and the modern Freemasons). These custos were warriors of rare ability and wielded powers both mundane and paranormal against the various supernatural forces that preyed on humanity.

For centuries, the various factions schemed against one another and were held in check by the Conclave. Eventually, the Conclave grew bloated with its power and prestige and concerned only with advanced itself and not carrying out its sacred mission of protecting mankind. The Conclave was “destroyed” in the late 16th century and those that remained fled to the New World to escape the madness of the Old World. The new Conclave rose up stronger than before and separated itself from the Houses (as it had been) to be a singular group welcome to all ceteri.

Campaign Goals/Starting Place

Players will take the roles of either those who are aware of the supernatural or who are about to be exposed to it. They will then either ally themselves with the other PCs or be guided into the world of the paranormal. Specifically, the players will be monster hunters or similiar who protect the mortal world from the supernatural one.


Expectations for joining up are as follows:

  • Stable hours on game night.
  • Use of Discord between sessions to talk about game stuff as needed.
  • Ability to write a decent back story within the campaign frame.
  • GURPS System mastery is a plus, but not needed.
  • Ability to play with others in a team environment.
  • Capable of reading background materials on B-Team at the least
  • Willing to create a Wiki entry in the campaign wiki and upkeep it for your character.
  • Ability to use Roll20.
  • Ability to use Google Hangouts with webcam and mic.

That’s it. If this sounds like you and you like what you see, send me an email.


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