Gamemaster’s Guidepost: Ritual Mass Combat

Today is Patreon Day and the topic selected by my patrons was “Ritual Path Magic and Mass Combat.” So…what do I have to say about that. A lot it turns out – I playtested both books rather extensively and got a writing credit for GURPS Thaumatoloyg: Ritual Path Magic. I’m going to make a few assumptions before I get into the meat of this thing. First, Ritual Path Magic is ideal for massed battles or warfare – unlike the basic spell system, Ritual Path Magic doesn’t require FP to use – just time. Furthermore, casters are versitile. They can do damn near anything. For a sufficiently advanced caster this means they can launch fireballs, bursts of pure force, heal the wounded, and so on with relative ease. Second, I’m going to assume that casters while not rare, aren’t exactly common either. They’ll make up less than 20% of a given Force’s Troop Strength. Finally, destructive magics are going to be easily adapted over – I’m going to concentrate on other things instead….

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